How I’m Feeling About My First Solo Trip


I’m lucky enough to have travelled to lots of beautiful places around the world. I’ve been even luckier to share these trips with people that I love. Family holidays, backpacking trips with my boyfriend and girlie weekends with friends, I’ve been able to make some amazing memories with lots of different people that are special to me.

Next month, I’ll be taking my first solo trip. Half way around the world to spend three weeks in Vietnam and Cambodia. How am I feeling about it? Excited, definitely, I adore Asia and can’t wait to explore more of it. On the other hand, I’m feeling a little nervous and can’t help but think whatthehellhaveidone at times.




Granted, I won’t be travelling completely alone; I’m booked on to this G Adventures tour in Vietnam. But still, I’ll be getting on my plane alone, without the comfort blanket of my boyfriend, family or friends. I’ve flown to meet friends and family previously, but then I know that they’re waiting at the other side, and I won’t have to flag down a taxi and find my own way in a humid, bustling Asian city.

I’ve heard from plenty of people in real life and across the internet that travelling alone is enriching and even life-changing. I really hope that’s my experience, and I hope that I’m lucky enough to meet some new friends along the way. I went on a group tour in Thailand with a friend a few years back and I made some good friends, one in particular who I’ve been to the Netherlands to visit and vice versa.





That’s the thing- although I won’t be travelling with friends, solo travel should mean that I meet new people more easily, I’ll be forced to get to know others in my group and at the hostels I’ll stay in. I love meeting people, so I’m hopeful that this will be a great part of my trip.

But that doesn’t mean that I’m not slightly apprehensive- what if nobody in the group likes me or I don’t find anybody I click with? What if I get lost or scammed when travelling between places on my own? What if I get homesick? Or ill?




I can’t let these type of questions worry me too much, so I’m trying to concentrate on the fact that I’m fortunate enough to be heading off this amazing trip. After all, I’m going to see some amazing sights and tick at least two things off my bucket list- Angkor Wat and Halong Bay.

With just under 7 weeks to go, I am nervous but I’m also super excited to experience a new kind of travel, and of course new places. If anybody had any tips or advice on solo travel (particularly as female), I’d love to hear them ahead of my trip. Thanks!



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