From London to Manchester

Ok, so this isn’t a travel related post but more of a short life and blog update.

Last weekend, my boyfriend and I finally moved to Manchester, after leaving London back in August and living with our parents since. We’re renting a place whilst we look for somewhere to buy but I’m still so excited about the move!

I lived in London for around three and a half years and for the most part, loved it. I got to live in and explore three different areas, had a couple of cool jobs and made many amazing friends along the way. At the same time, I was quite a distance away from my family and many of my close friends, and I felt like I was able to make little progress in saving for a house (London rent is crazy!). I’ll always love London as a city and I’m back there meeting friends every few weeks, so it doesn’t feel like too a big a loss at the moment.

Covent Garden, London


On to Manchester now. I actually grew up in Cheshire, around forty minutes outside of the city, so it isn’t completely new to me. However, Manchester has changed a lot over the last few years and I feel like it’s very much a smaller version of London these days, with lots to do and great places to eat & drink.


ManManchester (photo credit:

I haven’t got many international travel plans for 2018 just yet (saving for a deposit does that- sob!), so I’m going to try and blog more about Manchester from the perspective of a local and also try to visit some new places around the UK instead. Travel is still my number one passion and I’ll try to share as much as I can in this area, but for the next 12 months, I’m going to add some new things to the mix. Hopefully for those of you looking to visit Manchester or moving to the area, my insider tips will be really useful!

I’d love to hear what you guys think about my ever-so-slight change of direction and if any of you have any tips about Manchester or other UK cities, please send them my way!!


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