The Versatile Blogger Award

I was over the moon to receive a Versatile Blogger Award from the lovely Charlie from Reaching 30 Before 30 earlier this week! Charlie is one of my favourite bloggers; her posts give me serious wanderlust and she’s smashed her goal of visiting 30 countries before 30, so now she’s aiming for 40. I love following her adventures.

This award was created by bloggers for bloggers and is a great way to connect and help people to discover new blogs.


Here are 7 facts about me:

1) My birthday is on April Fool’s Day. And no, I’m not playing an early April Fool’s trick, it really is. This year, it also falls on Easter, so a busy day of celebrations! I have to admit that people do go easy on me despite me being an April Fool, I’ve only had a few birthday pranks pulled. The most memorable one was from my best friend, who gave me a large sized present before I got on the bus to school (we went to different schools but caught our buses from the same place). Turns out she’d wrapped 13 pennies up and covered it in layers of wrapping paper and newspaper, which took me around 10 minutes to get through on my journey to school.

2) I have a business management degree. I studied for it at Lancaster University, which I loved. It allowed me to learn all about the different aspects of  business and to gain some amazing practical experience through a year-long work placement and completing projects for real businesses. Since then, I’ve worked for a few food businesses and have definitely put what I learnt in to practice.

3) I’ve visited 33 countries so far. Like Charlie, I’m on a mission to visit as many countries as possible. So far I’ve visited 33, which doesn’t feel like that many, but I have explored different places within many of those countries. I’d like to visit 40 before I turn 30 as well; that gives me 3 years and 3 days to visit 7 more!

4) I was part of the cheerleading squad at university. Ok, so only for a year, but still. I had wanted to try out in my first year, but was scared due to (unfair) preconceptions about what the cheerleaders would be like. I really enjoyed being part of the squad and even went to a competition. I gave it up in final year due to workload and wanting to concentrate on playing netball.

5) I am taking Spanish lessons. I started my classes in January and am currently booked up until June. I’m totally rubbish at learning languages but am loving it and plan on learning long-term and potentially even taking an exam eventually! Read more about why I decided to take lessons here.

6) I’m obsessed with Asia. Like, unhealthily obsessed. With the Far East/SE Asia in particular. I talk about it all the time much to family’s annoyance (they’re always saying stuff along the lines of “WHAT?! You’ve been to Cambodia? Why didn’t you tell us?”) and am constantly thinking about the next trip there. I’ve visited 7 countries so far and there’s so many more I want to see. Next up on the list is The Phillipines, China or Myanmar; hopefully at some point during 2018.

7) I live 200 miles away from my office. A very random fact but one that people tend to be surprised about when I tell them. I live in Manchester but my office is down south, just north of London. I relocated north last August after almost 4 years living in London. My job is home-based with 1-2 days in the office. Although the drive is long (I stay overnight when I’m down here), it means that I get to see my London friends regularly and I love my job, so I’ve embraced the long distance! The industry I work in is mainly based down south, which means future jobs will probably be similar too now I’m in Manchester.

Now to pass this along, I nominate the following incredible bloggers for an award:

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If you do want to pass along the award, please let me know when you’ve done so. I can’t wait to find out more about you all!


Rules for the Versatile Blogger Award:

1) Thank the person who nominated you- Charlie @ Reaching 30 before 30.
2) Share 7 facts about yourself.
3) Nominate up to 15 others for the award.

For those of you who don’t know, The Versatile Blogger Award was created by bloggers to give to other bloggers. If nominated, you have received the award and are tasked with passing it on, by nominating other bloggers. It shows the incredible amount of support in the community! No questions about blogging is ever “too silly” or weird, and this award helps you to get to know the people behind their blog and/or brand. We are so humbled to have received this!


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