Why You Should Stay in a Riad in Marrakech


There are hundreds of traditional riads in Marrakech, from the simple to the outright decadent. During my recent trip to Morroco, I stayed in two riads within Marrakech medina, and I absolutely loved the experience!

If you’re heading to Morocco, I’d 100% recommend that you stay in a riad for at least part of your trip, it’s an unforgettable experience. Here are all of the reasons why.

You’ll be greeted like an old friend

There’s no hotel welcome like a riad welcome in my opinion. You’ll knock on the door of the riad and be greeted by a friendly local, who will usher you in to the tranquility of the courtyard.

You’ll be seated then offered some traditional Moroccan mint tea with sweet treats. Beats a watered down cocktail/fruit juice you get in most places!

It’s also likely that your hosts will give you a guided tour of the riad and will offer plenty of helpful advice about Marrakech. With the accommodation being much smaller than your standard hotel, you’ll find the service to be much more attentive, even in a mid-range riad.




The riad will be your oasis

Marrakech medina is an overwhelming place at times. Vendors, crowds, scooters, even horses trotting by make for a real hustle and bustle. It’s fun, it’s interesting but after a long and hot day, stepping in to your riad will be a welcome oasis.

Although you’ll still be right in the heart of the action, step in to your riad, and it will be like a different world. Quiet, cool, clean and relaxing. Possibly the exact opposite of the medina itself.




You’ll get serious interior decor inspiration/envy

Traditional Moroccan décor is absolutely beautiful and your riad will no doubt feature it in spades.

Think pretty tiles, gorgeous lanterns, handcrafted furniture, colourful cushions and lush greenery.

Aside from being perfect instagram fodder, you’ll feel like you’re experiencing the real Morocco.





You’ll get luxury without a huge price tag

Compared to what you’d pay in Europe, accommodation in Morocco is really reasonable. Riads are usually cheaper than your standard chain hotel and offer a real sense of luxury, from the surroundings right through to the service.

Staying in a riad is much like being in a boutique hotel, something that you can pay a lot for in many places.




A traditional Moroccan breakfast is the best way to start your day

Most riads will offer a complimentary Moroccan style breakfast. Fresh orange juice, mint tea, traditional breads and pastries, omelettes, fresh fruit; you’ll be spoilt for choice.

It’s a great way to start the day and certainly beats most hotel breakfasts I’ve ever had!




In-house spas mean pampering right on your doorstep

Many riads have in-house spa facilities that are again reasonably priced compared to in Europe.

Massages, hammams and manicures available right there, what’s not to love?




You can embrace rooftop living

With a mild winter climate, and being warm to hot from Spring though to Autumn, Marrakech is the perfect city to experience on a rooftop.

Lots of riads have lovely roof terraces on which you can enjoy your breakfast, or spend a relaxing evening. Again, this offers an oasis away from the craziness of the medina.

You may even be able to enjoy a traditional dinner up on the terrace organised by the riad.




It will be a completely unique experience

The main reason that I’d recommend staying in a riad is that it is a totally unique experience and definitely one you should have whilst in Morocco.

I can’t quite explain what makes staying in a riad so unique and special, so my advice would be to book a stay and experience it for yourself.



I stayed at Riad Spa Sindibad and Riad Dar More, both of which I’d highly recommend.

Riad Spa Sindibad is the slightly more traditional of the two; Riad Dar More feels a little more like a boutique hotel. Click on the links above to find out more, or I’d be happy to answer your questions!


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