Visiting The World’s Longest Art Exhibition

A variety of different art installations can be found at stations across the Stockholm Metro system (Tunnelbana) and it’s often described as the longest art exhibition in the world.

At 180km long, over 75% of the network’s stations feature quirky installations from a variety of artists. Although I must admit I’m not the biggest art fan (although Stockholm definitely changed that a little!), I was still super intrigued to check out the metro art and I’m really glad I did.


As I was only in Stockholm for two days, I only spent about 75 minutes (the max. time available with a single ticket) in the underground looking at the art installations. There is definitely much more to see but here are my highlights. I’ve included a few other stations that I cam across in my research that you might also want to check out.

T Centralen

By far my favourite installation, T Centralen (the city’s main station) features a number of spectacular 1950’s style works. Head to the blue line platforms; the installation above the escalators from the platforms is a sight to behold.






This was the most colourful station I visited, with rainbows adorning the ceilings.





The art in this station is quite understated, with a number of smaller pieces around the platform and by the escalators.




With the original installation painted in 1977 by Ulrik Samuelson, this artwork was created to resemble an underground garden. I’m still too much of novice photographer to have got a good photo with the tricky lighting in this station (sorry!), but trust me when I say that the installation is pretty cool.

Other stations that may be worth a visit:

Tekniksa Hogskolan




Have you visited the Stockholm metro? Which is your favourite installation? Have you come across any cool metro stations in other cities? I’d love to hear from you 🙂