Where I’ve Been

I’m lucky enough to have been travelling the world since I was very small, with one or two trips abroad a year for most of my childhood and in to my teenage years.

Fast forward to my early 20s and I was well and truly bitten by the travel bug. Since then, I’ve been travelling as much as I can and I’ve developed a particular love for Asia!

Here are all the countries that I’ve been to so far:

  1. Austria
  2. Belgium
  3. Cambodia
  4. Cape Verde
  5. China
  6. Cuba
  7. Cyprus
  8. Denmark
  9. Egypt
  10. England
  11. France
  12. Germany
  13. Gibraltar
  14. Greece
  15. Hong Kong
  16. Hungary
  17. Ireland
  18. Italy
  19. Japan
  20. Macau
  21. Malaysia
  22. Morocco
  23. Northern Ireland
  24. Poland
  25. Portugal
  26. Scotland
  27. Singapore
  28. Spain
  29. Sri Lanka
  30. Sweden
  31. Thailand
  32. The Netherlands
  33. The Vatican
  34. United States of America (California, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii)
  35. Vietnam
  36. Wales


How many countries have you visited? I’d love to hear where you’ve been!